Bridging the gap

Jumping from lagoon to lagoon [video]

Would you dare to jump it?

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Early construction of the Kitekuda restaurant [video]

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Kitesurf in Paradise with Kalpitiya Kite Safari

​As kite surfers we all dream of finding that perfect spot and having it all to ourselves, or at least just having you and your friends there…. maybe someone with a camera for good measure. Good wind, flat water/big waves (delete as...

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Advanced kite course

Why to take Advanced Kitesurf Lessons

Your kite surf lessons, they were great right? You went from not being able to fly a kite, to being a kickass, totally awesome kiter doing huge 20m jumps in about 3 days……Oooooor probably not. For most of us mere mortals (all you super...

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North Evo 2015

2015 North Evo - Review

The North EVO started out as a beginner oriented kite, focussing on easy relaunch and windrange. It was supposed to be good for any style or condition, but strictly following the Delta concept, it remained more of a beginner kite than an...

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2016 North Jaime - review

The North Jaime series has been around for over 10 years, and for those who remember, back when small twin-tips were finally becoming the new standard in kiteboarding, the first Jaime’s were thé boards to own. Over the years though, the...

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