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Big Changes in Kitekuda This Season!

Kitekuda Location

As you may already know from our Facebook Page, we are moving to a new location - directly on the lagoon. You will now be able to have an early kite surfing or SUP session between brushing your teeth and getting your breakfast served. That is, if you choose it instead of morning coffee with a great view.

The Land offers plenty of space, so apart from the obvious - shiny new houses, big dining area and chill-out zone - we are planning to introduce some additional cool attractions.

Borke Konrad S2

The other big news is, there are two new people joining the Kitekuda management team – Borke and Konrad decided to partner up with Mike in building the new camp.

I am sure some of you, who visited Kitekuda in the past, stumbled across our new team members, as both of them have been staying with us for years. In case you haven't however, Borke and Konrad are very positive individuals, with passion for kite surfing. They will make sure, that the new Kitekuda has the same laid back vibe we all loved so much about the original camp. Big task, but no pressure. :)

We are all extremely excited about the new project. The construction is in progress and hopefully we will be hosting some of you kite junkies soon. And for those of you who, are neither into kiting nor standup paddling, you can always grab a cold drink from the bar, and enjoy the sunset like the one below (taken from the future chill out area).

See you soon at Kitekuda!

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