Vella is an amazing spot to stop in pretty much any wind direction so I ended up doing a few tricks there before kicking off downwind. The crossing is an easy tack slightly downwind to get to the mainland, and the boat is on hand the whole way so if even if you’re not the best rider in the world you can still give it a go, knowing you have the backup and safety you need. Right on the point there is another nice freestyle spot which we stopped at for about an hour just to play around in the flat water. Because it was getting on a bit and we still had further to go, we decided not to stay and to head downwind in order to get to Dream spot, put up tents and cook before sunset.



Daytrip every Sunday and upon request. Overnighter by arrangement.

Duration / Time:

Daytrip or overnighter. Leave 8 – 8.30 am return 5 – 6 pm 


Intermediate to Advanced

Whats included?

Lunch, Boat support, Guide/s, Coaching on request


Duration Safari Lessons Rental
1/2 day €40,- €60,- €60,-
1 day €70,- €60,- €75,-
2 days €125,- €110,- €100,-