There’s a reason this is called Dream spot, and you’ll love the flat water if you’re into your freestyle riding or just enjoy blasting around in some butter. We offer day trips here for those wanting to try a different spot, and it’s an ideal place to do lessons as well so if you’ve got a mixed ability group this can be the perfect safari for you.

What's great about Dreamspot is that if you choose to do an overnighter, we can do a downwinder from here to Vella Island in the main season, or the other way during the winter season.

Jeep or boat

Dreamspot is on the far-end of the beach and that makes it just reachable by Jeep. If you decide to do a day-trip you have the option of taking the boat or our 4x4. If you want to do an overnighter with the intention of doing a downwinder to another spot, obviously go by boat.



Upon request

Duration / Time:

Daytrip or overnighter. Leave 8h return 18h


All levels

Whats included?

Day trip: Lunch, Coaching on request.

Overnighter: Lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch. Tents to sleep in.


Duration 4x4 Boat Lessons Rental
1 day €40,- (kk guests €35,-) €55,- (kk guests €50,-) See school page €60,-
2 days €55,- (kk guests €35,-) €110,- (kk guests €90,-) See school page €100,-